CIS 2041 : Computer Graphic Design

Assignment 1 : Selecting in Photoshop

 Due: Thursday, Jan. 22

Task: Choose five different photos to work with. Remember on assignments you can use stock photos. Some places to look for these include the book's CD and the internet.

Start with one photo as a base and cut and paste parts of the other photos into the base photo. Each time you cut and paste you must use a different selection technique from the list below. Save the base photo with the additional pasted layers in photoshop format. Save the final file to your folder in R:/Classes/CTA2041 under the filename "Assignment 1". In this same folder, save a short description of what technique was used for each selection.

To receive full points, you must demonstrate the appropriate use of each of the following techniques. You will not get full credit simply by clicking the magic wand once before you cut and paste. You must carefully select regions using the tools options and the selection addition/subtraction buttons. Your work should show prime examples of how each selection tool is best suited for certain types of selections.

The four selections methods you must demonstrate are:

You can refer to our Selecting in Photoshop page for examples of these selection tools.

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