Paul Stein
Department of Chemistry

CHM 1040: General, Organic, & Biochemistry
CHM 1110: General Chemisry I
CHM 1120: General Chemistry II
NSC/HON 2100: Great Ideas of Science
CHM 3240: Biochemistry I
CHM 3430: Biochemistry II (CHM 3431 - Biocehmistry II Lab)
CHM 3460: Physical Chemistry I
CHM 3470: Physical Chemisry II
CHM 4060: Undergraduate Research
CHM 4999: Research Paper & Presentation
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Internet Connections

Protein Data Bank
Swiss Prot
Pub Med
Discover Magazine
Science News
American Chemical Society (ACS)
REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates)

Internet Connections:

Protein Data Bank: This site contains x-ray crystallographic and 2D NMR data files for all proteins for which structures have been obtained. The text files contain the coordinates for each atom (other than H) in the structure. If the program CHIME is downloaded, the structures can be viewed in various angles and formats.

Swiss Prot:  This site contains the amino acid sequence of most proteins. In addition, a capsule summary of the function of the protein is provided, and information about protein structure and residues important to the protein's activity is also highlighted. It also contains direct links to many other useful biochemistry data banks including Enzyme, which indicates the nomenclature and catalyzed reactions for a listed enzyme; Transmembrane Predictor, that lists areas of a protein sequence likely to pass through membrane bilayers; and Boehringer Mannheim's Biochemical Pathways site, that is a metabolic chart that can be searched by intermediate, or enzyme name.

Pub Med:  This site is a link to the Medline data bank maintained by the National Library of Medicine. Literature searches of most journals dealing with medical topics based on topic, author, etc. can easily be performed.

Discover Magazine:  This site contains the archives of Discover Magazine articles in a topic searchable format. It provides an excellent introduction to many scientific subjects that can be understood without an advanced degree.

Science News: This is a searchable site that contains daily news articles related to broad scientific topics.  These are more complete versions of what you might find in your local newspaper.

ChemCenter: The official home page of the American Chemical Society.