Available Spinoni, upcoming litters and Spinone achievements

Photo courtesy of Judith Strom

This is where you will find listings of available Spinoni and upcoming litters of Spinone puppies as well as some of the accomplishments of individual dogs and owners. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of available Spinoni, there may be more out there. Nor is this a list of recommended breeders or litters by either me, the Spinone Club of America, the American Spinone Club or the Heartland Spinone Club. I only plan on listing available dogs and litters I have been told about first-hand.  You will need to provide me with hip scores (OFA, PennHip or similar foreign hip registry) before I list your litter. If you want to advertise a dog or litter here or let me know about your dog's accomplishments, please contact me at kmcgrew@css.edu or by calling me at (218) 721-5559.  To check to see if someone near you owns a Spinone, please go to the Contacts page.

Rescue Spinoni & Individual dogs for sale

For more information regarding placing a dog with a Spinone rescue group or adopting a dog currently being "fostered," please contact the following individuals/groups:

Spinone Club of America Rescue 

Spinone Puppies

Please contact me, by sending me email to kmcgrew@css.edu, if you want to list a litter on this page.

Spinoni Achievements

Field test Awards

Please let me know about any recent field work awards your dog has earned.

Conformation Awards

Congratulations to 2009 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show winners!

Ch Ercole Del Caos.jpg
2009 Best of Breed
Ch Ercole del Caos, owner Allison Schultz.


Ch Couchfields Make A Move.jpg
2009 Best of Opposite Sex
Ch Crouchfields Make a Move, owners Michelle Brustein and Dave Brooks.

2009 Awards of Merit
Ch Javal I'm Movin' On To Hootwire RN, owners Debbie Perrott and Shirley Knipe.
Ch Bella Campo Summer Sun JH, owners Mike and Kay McLeland.

Breed results from the 2009 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show:

Obedience Awards

Please let me know about any recent obedience awards your dog has earned.

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