Swenson's Site Map
This site map might enable you to browse more efficiently around my many web pages. Notice that they are organized vertically and allow you to select nested topics. Not all pages have been listed here, but these should allow you so get started. Enjoy!

Contact Information:
David X. Swenson PhD LP DABPS
Associate Professor of Management & Forensic Psychologist
Management Department
The College of St. Scholastica
1200 Kenwood Ave.
Duluth, MN 55811
(218)723-6476 Office
(218)723-6290 College Fax
(218)723-6150 Dept. Fax.
  • Current classes (Spring 2012)
    • Term 1: 6450 Mkt Tuesday
    • Term 1: 6207 Crisis Mgt Thursday
    • Term 2:  6205 Team Dev. Tues
    • Term 2:  

New Projects



  • Rustic Furniture



  • Marketing
    • Marketing ethics

  • Shiftwork(history, circadian, adjustment, coping, sleep disorders, links, technology, articles)