Rubric for Ethics Audit

Ethics Skill
  • can identify an ethical issue in a problem or case
  • unable to identify
  • can identify the ethical issue but unclear ebaloration
  • identification of the ethical issue and explain the underlying principle being violated
  • can use problem solving stages to arrive at a resolution for an ethical issue
  • unable to use stages
  • uses stages but incomplete or brief
  • thorough and complete description of stages to resolve the issue
  • can identify the stakeholders involved in an ethical issue
  • unable to identify stakeholders
  • can identify stakeholders but unclear on impact
  • identify and describe potential impacts
    • can state the approach to ethics being used (e.g., justice, utilitarian, etc.)
  • unable to state approach
  • able to state approach but unclear or minimal description of approach
  • clear and elaborated statement of approach
    • can explain how ethical reasoning develops (e.g., Kohlberg, Belenky, Perry or other theory)
    • unable to explain
    • general explanation of development
    • detailed explanation of development
    • can describe how to promote development of an ethical organizational climate
  • unable to describe
  • can describe but vague or incomplete
  • thorough description
    • can describe the impact of unethical behavior in an organization
  • unable to describe impact
  • can describe 2 impacts
  • can describe 3 or more
  • can identify risks to participants in research
  • unable to identify risks
  • can identify but unclear explanation
  • clear identification and explanation
  • can suggest ways of reducing risks to participants in research
  • unable to make suggestions
  • makes suggestions but not elaborate
  • clear and elaborated suggestions
  • can describe how to conduct an ethics audit in an organization
  • unable to describe audit
  • can describe audit but is incomplete or vague
  • thorough explanation of audit
    • can locate and know a code of ethics for their field or management specialty
    • unable to locate code
    • can locate and generally describe the code
    • able to locate and describe code in detail