Best Practices 
Focus on Inquiry, Constructivism, and Project Based Learning


Inquiry Based Learning Sites
Using the Internet to Promote Inquiry
Inquiry and Problem Solving
The Inquiry Page
Inquiry Learning: Concepts to Classroom
The Art of Questioning
Problem based learning
Internet and Inquiry
Teaching Strategies

Project Based Learning Ideas 
Overview of Project Based Learning
Project approach for elementary teachers
Project Approach Theory
Reasons to try Project Based Learning
 K-6 Classroom examples
Examples of Project Based Learning using Technology
Project, Problem, and Inquiry Based Learning
Getting a Grip on Project Based Learning
PBL with Technology

What is constructivism?
 Implications for Constructivism
Classroom Compass
Introduction to Constructivism
Constructivist Checklist
Another definition
Concept to Classroom
Constructivism in Action
Dalton School: Constructivist School
The Ralph Bunche School
Constructivism and the 5Es
Constructivism in the Technology Enhanced Classroom

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